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Hi there, hope you’re good – it’s Wayne here…

When the band first started back in 1986 we set up The Mission World Information Service, MWIS for short, as a way for us to communicate with our audience. Initially it was a free service but the numbers quickly swelled and we ended up having to charge a nominal fee to become a member. Some of the goodies you received for your hard-earned was a membership card, a signed photo, bi-monthly newsletters, ticket & merch discounts, etc, and the annual fan club(s) shows. A veritable bargain at the time.  

Sadly, with passing time, dwindling audiences, and the band splitting up, eventually MWIS folded. Well, it’s back, albeit in a different form. On Wednesday, 1st September we are launching our own, new on-line subscription service.  

As well as a means of communication between us and you I see this as an opportunity to set up our very own streaming service. This, for me, is the primary aim of the new MWIS. We all know that bands and artists receive a pittance for being streamed by Spotify and YouTube and the like, and while our ‘official’ releases will still be available on those public platforms as long as those releases are still commercially available, I wanted somewhere where we could control our own content and hopefully generate a much needed source of income as a benefit. As well as established catalogue we will make available rarities and previously unreleased music to our own audience without dancing through the hoops that are in place to otherwise getting our music out there.


The Mission World Information Service - MWIS

There will initially be two levels within MWIS to allow everyone to have some level of access and these will be:

Missionary – This will be available FREE of charge to everyone upon registration.

Fellowship – This will be a monthly subscription service of £5 per month

The service will continue to evolve over time when we see what works and when we receive feedback from our subscribers but at launch MWIS will include:


  • Access to The MWIS Forum, a discussion board where you get your say on topics all things Mission & even start your own topics ... which pub to meet up in before the next gig! 
  • Access to "Missionary Radio". Our own version of ‘Spotify’™ where you will be able to access & stream some Mission tracks as well as individual band member releases, some rarities, demo’s, unreleased live recordings etc will also be added from time to time. New content will be added continually.
    (Full albums will be available to stream on Ambassador level)
  • Access to "Missionary Demo Club" - Mission rare Demo/Live/alt Mixes /Rehearsal /Works In Progress Stream - Receive 1 track per month along with lyrics and / or Song Biography 
    (3 tracks available monthly on Ambassador Level)


  • Access to all of the above, as well as 
  • Access to The Blog – Updated as available from all band members
  • Access to "Fellowship Radio" - Our own version of ‘Spotify’™ you will be able to access & stream Mission albums in full as well as individual band member releases, some rarities, demo’s, unreleased live recordings etc will also be added from time to time. New content will be added continually.
  • Access the "Fellowship Demo Club" - Mission rare Demo/Live/alt Mixes /Rehearsal /Works In Progress Stream 
  • Access the "Video Vault" – Access to our exclusive video vault where we will show on tour, in rehearsal, in the studio, and other behind the scenes footage as available. 
  • Access to the "Exclusive Band Q&A Message board" - leave your questions and the band will get back to you 
  • Merch Store Discount – 5% off merch store (some exceptions may apply)

Of course, we will be asking you through the Forum to let us know what else we can provide to make MWIS truly yours and you never know what we - Craig, Simon, Alex and myself - might be able to contribute as we go along.