Track Listing  

Bridges Burning 
Garden Of Delight (Hereafter)  
Stay With Me  
Let Sleeping Dogs Die  
Dance On Glass  
And The Dance Goes On  
Love Me To Death  
Extra Tracks:  
Blood Brother  
Island In A Stream 

God's Own Medicine  

Released: November 1986  
Format: CD / LP / MC  
Label: Mercury Records  
Producer: Tim Palmer & The Mission  
Chart position: UK: #14  
Certification: UK: Gold  
Singles: Stay With Me, Wasteland, Severina

Wayne: Like sex, your first gig, your first time in an aeroplane, you always remember your first. GOM still holds a very special place in my affections. Everything was wide-eyed, exciting and new. 

Simon: Being the first album, many of the songs are the ones we were playing live on those early tours before being signed and recording them. The studio work that went into GOM defined the band's sound and demanded not to be ignored. Probably my favourite if I was forced to choose just one. 

Craig: It was a glorious summer and we made a glorious record. We were all very excited, we had just come back from some European shows and the tour bus dropped us at the studio. So from live 24 hours earlier to recording...We were ready.

Track Listing  

Like A Hurricane  
Over The Hills And Far Away  
Naked And Savage  
Serpents Kiss  
Dancing Barefoot  
The Crystal Ocean (extended version)  
Garden Of Delight (extended version)  
Wake (RSV)  
Like A Hurricane (extended)  
Extra track on the US version:  
Tomorrow Never Knows (Amphetamix) 

The First Chapter  

Released: January 1987  
Label: Mercury Records  
Producer: The Mission  
Chart position: UK: #35  
Singles: Serpents Kiss, Garden Of Delight/Like a Hurricane

Wayne: The First Chapter captures the unbridled joy of escape from creative incarceration. This is the sound of a band finding its métier. Still sounds fresh to my tired old ears. 

Simon: Much more the sound of the band as we were from the outset. A far less augmented production than GOM and so retaining the sense of four lads banging it out.

Track Listing  

Beyond The Pale  
A Wing And A Prayer  
Heaven On Earth  
Tower Of Strength  
Kingdom Come  
Child's Play  
Shamera Kye (J. S. Webb)  
Black Mountain Mist  
Hymn (For America)  
Extra tracks:  
Dream On 


Released: 1988  
Format: CD / LP / MC  
Label: Mercury Records  
Producer: John Paul Jones  
Chart position: UK: #2  
Singles: Tower Of Strength, Beyond The Pale, Kingdom Come (USA only)

Wayne: The Mission at their commercial peak and most bombastic, melodramatic, & grandiloquent with Tower Of Strength proving to be the band's evergreen anthem for the ages. Other highlights for me are Beyond The Pale & Heaven On Earth. A flawed work but beautifully so.... 

Simon: By now, the band is in full swing, to the point of having a 15 week residential studio budget and rock legend producer. There were times it felt like we didn't need to be spending all that time, but it's still great. The album has both Tower of Strength and Beyond The Pale, so I mean... 

Craig: Listening today I feel we occasionally got a bit too clever for our boots with the arrangements. The obvious hit was Shamera Kye. The record company could not see it so they went with those other songs. Totally Rocktastic.